The Pakistani Government Celebrates 1 Year Youtube ban

It has been almost 1 year of complete failure by the Pakistani government to help give its citizens access to a very important tool that helps to educate. The focus has always been on the negative. Blasphemy videos are a very sensitive topic these videos should not be on the web in the first place. But what about pornography? Our Continue reading

Rangers Kill Unarmed Boy, Karachi Pakistan

On 9th June 2011 a young boy attempts a robbery at boat basin Karachi (Well known as the Karachi food street in Clifton area) unfortunately(for the boy) the boy got caught during the act. And in a Pakistan with so many frustrated people, no electricity, not petrol, no CNG, prices going high, unemployment and much more, people take out their Continue reading


As far as I know Taxes are meant to provide services and facilities to the citizens of a country. Definitely I don’t see that happening.  I have been paying taxes on my income since 2005, now it is a good 6 years and almost a million rupees paid to the Government of Pakistan.  I am a salaried person who works Continue reading

Pakistan Independence Day Celebrations at Karachi Sea View

Green everywhere, Pakistani flag on each car, green painting on cheeks, crazy dances, madness with motor bikes, firing and fireworks, lights on Government buildings, dances, sea view, freedom, happiness, joy, and a lot more is experienced every 14th August in Pakistan. I don’t know about other cities of Pakistan but in Karachi if you want to see how mad and Continue reading

DHA Under water 2009 Monsoon Rains

It has not been much time since i have been in Karachi but it is a good 8 years now. I consider Hyderabad as the most neglected city in Sindh. But now when i look at areas like DHA in Karachi i think otherwise. The negligence of deciding who is competent enough to take up development projects is enought to Continue reading

Indian Media Against India T20 2009

I am 27 Years old and in this time I have never seen this kind of criticism from India against their own country. Pakistan won the T20 world Cup 2009 which is pride for Pakistani’s but if you watch the video I have attached you will know what exactly this means for the Indian’s and Indian cricket team. This is Continue reading