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Measurable Media

As the saying goes penny wise pound foolish. This is exactly how I would like to summarize the behaviour and attention to detail to the big media spenders out there.

No one seems to be ready to embrace the change and admit that there is now a better way to doing things. When it comes to spending millions on television, outdoor, radio and print approvals are easy to come infact budgets speak for themselves. But what concerns me the most is the negligence of some very smart people towards conventional media, no one asks questions. I am astonished by the amount of trust they have in the medium, its almost as if they have an ancestral relationship with the medium.

First i thought that i have cracked the problem and have figured out the answer to this behaviour. But i was mistaken, all this still remains a mystery to me. May be all these people come with a manufacturing fault … its hard for me to explain. But one thing that might just trigger a few thought.  Is it that digital being so measurable has become the barrier to entry?  It is too accountable? is it too transparent? Think about it? Why would smart people who have the power to make decisions not go for something that is measurable, brings accountability and is completely transparent? Why would someone not be completely open to this idea of being able to know exactly what is working for you? Digital is not something completely new its just a new way of doing the same thing in a better way.  If we don’t act fast then someone from outside is going to tell us how its done, which we initially chose not to pay attention to.

90% of Pakistan is doing what i call Conventional Digital Media and the remaining are doing Digital Media. We have to stop having a conventional approach to Digital Media. THE RULES have changed. Very soon we will all realize how Digital Media has changed our lives.

To get a flavour watch the movie “Cheff” it shows the true power of Social Media (Earned Media).

Today the Digital Media industry of Pakistan has some of the biggest business opportunities, everyone is trying to take a shot at it, but most of us are getting it wrong. I see the will but i don’t see the passion i see the energy but i don’t see the commitment to take thing towards the end. There should be a disclaimer saying ” Only for people who share the passion not the want for money… because with passion money comes naturally… least this is true for our line of business.

Can someone answer one simple question. Why doesn’t any university offer specialization in Digital Media? WHY? DO we not have jobs for these new kids??

Sorry I have to leave you all with all these queries today.

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