Wall’s Home Delivery Pakistan

Walls Home Delivery

Walls Home Delivery www.walls.com.pk

Its very rare to see multinationals like Unilever take bold decisions like these in markets like Pakistan. For the first time in the world Walls has launched an eCommerce site to order ice-cream at home.  This seems simple but is actually a very big supply chain and operations challenge.                                           Currently there are two channels open to place orders.

  1. Call a toll free number 0800-13000
  2. Go to www.walls.pk and place an order

Bringing the idea to life requires a call centre  team and  on ground delivery staff with mobile cold storage. Easier said then done. But investing in such operations makes a lot of sense simply because of the power crisis in Pakistan its hard for small convenience stores to power their refrigeration units.

Have you ever experienced a situation where you had to take orders from kids, asking them which ice cream they want to have. Well as soon as one kid decides what he/she wants and sees what others are ordering he/she decides to change the order. It literary takes takes for ever to note down what you want and when you are at the shop just about to make the payment you get a call to change the order again. So frustrating right? By the way i have seen adults act just like kids a lot of times specially for ice cream :)

Walls has simplified the ordering process.

Walls Home Delivery I Hour at your doorstep

Walls Home Delivery I Hour at your doorstep

Step 1. Go to the website enter www.walls.com.pk
Step 2. Enter a number against each variant and hit add to cart
Step 3. Provide your address and contact information and you are done.
Step 4. You get a verification call followed by a door step delivery with in 60 min
Step 5. Enjoy !


Currently walls eStore is only open from 2pm till 10pm from monday to Saturday but i have heard that they plan on expanding the operational timings.

Walls Home Delivery Information

Walls Home Delivery Information



Walls Home Delivery eCommerce Website

Walls Home Delivery eCommerce Website www.walls.com.pk

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