Dove Patches – Beauty is a State of Mind

Everyday we see new viral videos that surface from here and here but it is very rare to see a synchronized video launch in 66 countries with in the same hour. Recently Dove launched its new film aimed at women to show them through an experiment that beauty is what you perceive or are made to perceive. They beautifully executed the concept and proved that beauty is a state of mind.  You can see the video below or on the company site

Surprisingly the video has so far captured a cumulative 50 million Plus views globally. We are continuing to see more and more brands taking to the internet to launch such videos and promotions. The internet offers much lower costs to advertise. Specially if your target audience is on the medium.

After reviewing other markets i believe that Pakistan has secured more vitality than other markets keeping into account the total internet audience.

Also by measure of KLOUT score the DOVE twitter handle currently stands at 73 points which makes it Pakistan’s #1 brand on twitter measure of Klout score.

Dove Pakistan Klout Score

Dove Pakistan Klout Score

Dove: Patches from Dove Pakistan on Vimeo.

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