Carrefour (Hyperstar Karachi) Out Of Stock

Every month me and my wife go for grocery shopping this month was not any different. I get increasingly frustrated about how careless are brands and Hyperstar (internationally known as carrefour) which is one of the largest super mart brands in the world.

Some very regular items were missing, I don’t change my brand very easily so I had to go to Aghas and get rest of the stuff.

Here is a list you will be surprised to see.

1. Sufi Canola Cooking oil Stand up pouch. OUT OF STOCK
2. Shan red chilli OUT OF STOCK

3. Canned Mushrooms OUT OF STOCK

4. Weetabix OUT OF STOCK

5. Detol Antiseptic liquid OUT OF STOCK WHAT!!!

6. Nutella OUT OF STOCK

7. Soft Mint candy OUT OF STOCK

9. Coke Slim Can OUT OF STOCK

I fail to understand that how can you run the biggest super store in the country and not have these basic items. These are just what i wanted to buy what about other shoppers.

Last month I got so frustrated that i least who fully loaded shopping cards in the middle of the store and walked out because i had to go to a different store any ways to get what i wanted.

The customers voice is said to be the biggest but in this case Hyperstar internationally known as carrefour does not give it shit.

Where is customer satisfaction. Why should I shop with Hyperstart next month, just because we have lack of options does not mean we are taken for granted.

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