The Pakistani Government Celebrates 1 Year Youtube ban

It has been almost 1 year of complete failure by the Pakistani government to help give its citizens access to a very important tool that helps to educate. The focus has always been on the negative.

Blasphemy videos are a very sensitive topic these videos should not be on the web in the first place. But what about pornography? Our children have been watching pornographic videos even with the Youtube ban, what does Islam say bout that? In my view all that seems to be OK with the government, why because giving access to pornographic content does not result in threats from Extremist groups.

The truth is that the internet can not be controlled and should not be controlled. What should be controlled is how we educate on children to stay away from bad understand the difference between the right and the wrong. Blaming someone is very easy but teaching to understand right and wrong needs very hard work on part of the parents. An educated society is the answer to all the problems.

Youtube is just a gateway to both good and bad you choose what you want to see.

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