As far as I know Taxes are meant to provide services and facilities to the citizens of a country. Definitely I don’t see that happening.  I have been paying taxes on my income since 2005, now it is a good 6 years and almost a million rupees paid to the Government of Pakistan.  I am a salaried person who works for a technology company. I am happy with what I do, I am also happy with the tax I give but I am NOT happy with how my money is being spent.  I definitely don’t want to be responsible for paying for VIP movements luxury cars etc.

Today I promise that I would pay double the tax if I am given the option to chose how my money is spent.  If you ask me I would like all my money to be spent in nothing but education. I am sick of uneducated idiots running this country who don’t know a shit about how mass education is policy is implemented and they don’t even care to get proper consultants to do the job for them.

I buy fruit at least once a week and when I have to give him RS 200 for one apple, six bananas, and three peaches I think  hard as to how much money this man makes??? The answers is more than 5 lacks in a month and guess what he pays NO taxes. In my view he has no right to complain about anything. FBR has failed to collect taxes for these people and if this continues to happened the economic situation of Pakistan will continue to go down.  Whenever KESC has some problem, the fuel prices go up, or any other problem it is these people who hit the roads and salaried people like me are more worried that how will I go to work the next day because going to work is my bread and butter and that is how I feed my family.

For some reason my blood boils when I see this disparity, just because I work for a registered company it is easy for the government to collect taxes from me but what about those land lords, Gold traders, real estate trading, foreign exchange trading and a million other verticals.

I would leave you with some points to consider

  1. Do you pay taxes? If not make sure you do because if you don’t you don’t have the right to complain.
  2. Make sure you file your tax returns, get benefits from tax returns against, WHT on bank accounts, mobile bills, utility bills, etc
  3. If you know someone who wants to know how to pay taxes or he/she is confused about the process just drop a comment here or simply visit www.fbr.gov.pk , I know a few people who might be able to help them
  4. If you are buying goods try to buy from people who pay their taxes.
  5. Never bribe people to get your matters sorted with FBR faster, everything is now online you can do it online www.fbr.gov.pk and their hot line is very helpful.
  6. Keep your chin up if you pay your taxes and show ownership towords your country because it is yours.




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