Rangers Kill Unarmed Boy, Karachi Pakistan

On 9th June 2011 a young boy attempts a robbery at boat basin Karachi (Well known as the Karachi food street in Clifton area) unfortunately(for the boy) the boy got caught during the act. And in a Pakistan with so many frustrated people, no electricity, not petrol, no CNG, prices going high, unemployment and much more, people take out their frustration where ever they can.  I feel they did the right thing they handed over the boy to people who are responsible to take care of law and order situation.

So this is what happened
1. The boy attempts a robbery

2. He gets caught

3. The public beats him up but lets him live in fact they were nice to him and let the authorities take care of it.

4. A person with a camera some how finds out about what is happening and was able to reach the spot on time ( HE is the most important person in this story)

5. The boys face is shown to the camera and the film is rolling.

6. The boy is handed over to the Rangers who i believe were near the Benazir park in Clifton, remember this place is less than a kilo meter away from where MR Zardari lives.

7. Immediately a Gun is pointer on his head by one of the Ranger, the boy says it was a fake gun, and I did what i did because of compulsion.

8. But they did not listen to him and he was shot twice in the leg. All on VIDEO all being recorded and the rangers knowing that everything is being recorded but still they did this.

9. The boy was loosing blood fast and was pleading for help but no one took him to the hospital. Even tyeing a belt around his leg would have helped buy more time but no one stepped up.

10. First of all the person who fired and then everything single person who saw this happened or were able to see what happened with in the next 30 min are responsible for MURDERING this boy collectively. The boy should have gone through the right process and punished according to the law.



I feel very unsafe after watching this video. Very hard to believe, YOU CAN NOT SHOOT AN UNARMED PERSON specially when you have the situation under control with more than four armed Rangers standing in front of the man.

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