DHA Karachi Real Estate Fraud

Have you ever rented an apartment, portion or villa in DHA Karachi? Well a lot of people have done that and mostly get what they want by contacting a real estate agent. For every rent deal there is a tenancy agreement that is filed but be very cautious while dealing with these real estate agents that are available in each and every commercial area in DHA.

Nine out of ten times you will be asked to sign a contract for no more than 11 months but did you know that all contracts with 12 months duration are to be registered with DHA and all the tenant information is to be given to DHA. But unfortunately people are easily deceived by the agents, me being one of them.

Remember by signing a contract under 12 months you also are at risk of the following

  1. Get ready to kicked out any time without anyone giving a dam.
  2. If you decide to go to the court the first think that will be asked is that why did you do a 11 months contract which in my view has no meaning.
  3. You let the property owners Not pay any property tax and still make money over their property. Because to lease a property legally you need to clear taxes and get your completion registered with DHA, it then becomes DHA’s responsibility to enforce the agreement as well.
  4. You pay more rent than the market rate.
  5. You keep yourself at complete risk but don’t make it mutual with the property owner.

The owner of the property is required to conduct maintenance and repairs after a certain amount of time, the house need to be repainted after a given amount of time, you should get water in the line of from DHA all this and much more but yet we say yes to the agents, give them commissions, do whatever they ask us to do just to get a place that you can call home.

I am sure if you are looking for an apartment, you will first go and get the Sunday Newspaper , 95% or even more ads on the classified section are from agents who have only one objective ‘GET ONE MONTH COMISSION AND FORGET EVERYTHING ELSE’ , trust is hard or nearly impossible to find. Forget newspaper, even if you look at real estate portals like www.bastee.pk www.zameen.com etc are also flooded with ads from agents, you don’t know where to look someone who you can trust and have the peace of mind that he will not bully you.

Until about 8 months ago I was living in an apartment for the past 7 years with no trouble the place was owned by someone who is a family friend, I used to pay rent as per market but It was so peaceful.  But then I made the mistake of thinking that all property owners are like them, this mistake has cost me something which I value the most “Mental Piece”.

I found a place which looked nice and spacious, when we visited the place the owners were living there and we immediately liked what we saw. I decided to make them an offer (mistake I did not meet the neighbors), Immediately after I made the offer I got to meet the owner.  I told him that I have a some questions about the place before I proceed any further, He stopped me right there with aggression and said that before I let you stay at my place I need to know what kind of people are you.  He took a one hour interview from me and my wife and he said that for me it is important that ‘Shareef family people’ live at my place, I don’t want to be receiving complaints from the building people. We were able to satisfy him and asked the following questions.


  1. What is the water situation? Answer: Oh we have been living here and we have had no water problems ever, you just have to pay the monthly water bill on time. Also a big plus is that this house is the only one with an extra water tank. So I was like Great!
  2. I see some repairs required here, so I would need the locks changed, my oven fitted in the kitchen, the kitchen cabinet fixed, and a few more think. Reply: You don’t need to mention all this, we understand what a family requires
  3. How much advance rent and deposit will I be required to pay? All sorted out, I ended up paying 150k at beginning with a monthly rent of 18k


I gave an advance payment of 10k and I was to get passion within a week. A few days after that I was called by the agent saying that you need to pay the advance amount and sign the contract so that we can get the repair work done and get the place ready to move in and I was like ok. So I also signed the 11 month contract and gave the advance payment with nothing tangible in hand. All because I trusted these people.

Any ways finally the day came when I got the keys, when I walk in all I see is that a new paint job was done and nothing else, all the fancy lighting was removed with wires hanging out, one room striped off from a fancy fan which I saw on my first visit, generator wires removed even AC power plugs removed along with the wires, no locks changed, no fixes made in the kitchen, and a hundred more things. I was almost in a position to say go to hell with your money and leave but then I had no other choice but to move in. The very first day I went to see where the water motor is and I saw about six empty bottles of Blacklable  with proper packaging, and I was like SHOOT what did I do. From that day on words I keep hearing the people from ‘Flat  x’ had a fight  with people from ‘Flat Y’ and there is no water because the ‘Flat number Z’ did not pay their share.  Recently someone opened fire on the other party over a misunderstanding regarding of paying each other’s bills. I think about Rs 900 or something and the idiots said all the bad words in their vocabulary.   The list goes on from day to day every day a new incident.

This is what happens in DHA Karachi, a family person like me can’t find a decent place to live in, but if anyone of you is reading this and knows someone who can get me a place near DHA Phase 1, 2 or 4 then place drop me a comment. I just have a few more months before I have to shift.




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