Rangers Kill Unarmed Boy, Karachi Pakistan

On 9th June 2011 a young boy attempts a robbery at boat basin Karachi (Well known as the Karachi food street in Clifton area) unfortunately(for the boy) the boy got caught during the act. And in a Pakistan with so many frustrated people, no electricity, not petrol, no CNG, prices going high, unemployment and much more, people take out their Continue reading

DHA Karachi Real Estate Fraud

Have you ever rented an apartment, portion or villa in DHA Karachi? Well a lot of people have done that and mostly get what they want by contacting a real estate agent. For every rent deal there is a tenancy agreement that is filed but be very cautious while dealing with these real estate agents that are available in each Continue reading


As far as I know Taxes are meant to provide services and facilities to the citizens of a country. Definitely I don’t see that happening.  I have been paying taxes on my income since 2005, now it is a good 6 years and almost a million rupees paid to the Government of Pakistan.  I am a salaried person who works Continue reading