Pakistan Independence Day Celebrations at Karachi Sea View

Green everywhere, Pakistani flag on each car, green painting on cheeks, crazy dances, madness with motor bikes, firing and fireworks, lights on Government buildings, dances, sea view, freedom, happiness, joy, and a lot more is experienced every 14th August in Pakistan. I don’t know about other cities of Pakistan but in Karachi if you want to see how mad and crazy people get at these occasions you should hit a place which everyone know as Sea View. I actually went there this 14th August to shoot a few clips which would make you people believe as to how crazy people can get.  If you ask any decent person he/she would say never go to sea view on 14th of August, or EID, or any big holiday because people really go crazy. I actually wanted to have some fun so I went for it.


The kind of people you will find here are normally from SEC C or below. These people don’t normally have much options when it come to family entertainment. Sea view is the only place where no one is charges any money to come and have fun normally rent cars, wagons, or even trucks and just stuff people in it. The most common vehicle you will see at sea view is Motor Bike and that too if it is 14th August without cylencers to get noticed.


If you talk to any of these people you will immidiately feel that things happening arround them dont really affact them they will continue to do what they do and continue to thing what they think. I see a lot of potential in this man power in our country which can be used for something which benefits the country and themselves.

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