DHA Under water 2009 Monsoon Rains

It has not been much time since i have been in Karachi but it is a good 8 years now. I consider Hyderabad as the most neglected city in Sindh. But now when i look at areas like DHA in Karachi i think otherwise.

The negligence of deciding who is competent enough to take up development projects is enought to put your money and time down the drain.

What really has to be considered is that do they know that water can never flow from a lower plain to a higher plain until an external force is involved.

DHA Under water

See this small diagram in which i have tried to explain where these people went wrong when building the drainage system.

I know that recent drainage project in DHA had a lot of money involved in fact millions were spent to be able to see the streets of DHA dry after rains. Unfortunately the people who took this project thought that water will automatically flow to where ever they want it to flow. If there was an engineer or some wise guy monitoring this then we would not have to see these days where by all the roads were loaded with water and all the hard earned taxes and money went straight down the drain.

I knew that people will ask for proof and that is what i arranged in form of videos shot specifically for this post.

This video is at popular avenue DHA phase 5 if i am not mistaken.

Here is another one showing that water needs to be pumped out so that it goes out of the main drain.

I have a few more snaps which ill add later.

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