Hello World

My first attempt at programming and a way to say hello the blogging world not all of you are suppose to understand this starting but please keep following me. Being in the IT industry for over four years now I have been trying to start a blog but never really got the courage of making it happened. But now finally I have started to write only and only because I believe that one person can make a difference by using a computer and an internet connection. This is my first and only attempt to start talking about my country, ways to improve it, ways to move to towards a progressive country. I plan to achieve all that through use of technology to transform how people work these days. I have a lot of ideas under my mind.

People who already know my may not take the things I post here by surprise but other will definitely will not only be shocked but also amazed by what I put and plan to put on here.

I shall leave the rest by tomorrow.

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