Dawlance Fails to deliver on Promise

Fake Promise

It used to be a no-brainer buying a dawlance product. But now things have changed. Gone are the days when products use to sell because of brand value and heritage alone. In the age of digital media everyone has a voice. About 6 years a ago I got married and I decided that I will buy a Dawlance fridge. so 4 days Continue reading

Asad Memon on Vine – My six Seconds

Asad Memon Vine

At first i just created an account on vine just to reserve my space. But then someone told me that its a cool app. So I started to explore the coolness in it. To be honest, it was not that easy for a person like me to get the hang of it. But finally when i did, I started to Continue reading

Measurable Media

Measure, KPI, ROI

As the saying goes penny wise pound foolish. This is exactly how I would like to summarize the behaviour and attention to detail to the big media spenders out there. No one seems to be ready to embrace the change and admit that there is now a better way to doing things. When it comes to spending millions on television, Continue reading

Dove Patches – Beauty is a State of Mind

Dove Patches - Beauty is a state of mind

Everyday we see new viral videos that surface from here and here but it is very rare to see a synchronized video launch in 66 countries with in the same hour. Recently Dove launched its new film aimed at women to show them through an experiment that beauty is what you perceive or are made to perceive. They beautifully executed Continue reading

Carrefour (Hyperstar Karachi) Out Of Stock

Every month me and my wife go for grocery shopping this month was not any different. I get increasingly frustrated about how careless are brands and Hyperstar (internationally known as carrefour) which is one of the largest super mart brands in the world. Some very regular items were missing, I don’t change my brand very easily so I had to Continue reading

The Pakistani Government Celebrates 1 Year Youtube ban

It has been almost 1 year of complete failure by the Pakistani government to help give its citizens access to a very important tool that helps to educate. The focus has always been on the negative. Blasphemy videos are a very sensitive topic these videos should not be on the web in the first place. But what about pornography? Our Continue reading

Rangers Kill Unarmed Boy, Karachi Pakistan

On 9th June 2011 a young boy attempts a robbery at boat basin Karachi (Well known as the Karachi food street in Clifton area) unfortunately(for the boy) the boy got caught during the act. And in a Pakistan with so many frustrated people, no electricity, not petrol, no CNG, prices going high, unemployment and much more, people take out their Continue reading

DHA Karachi Real Estate Fraud

Have you ever rented an apartment, portion or villa in DHA Karachi? Well a lot of people have done that and mostly get what they want by contacting a real estate agent. For every rent deal there is a tenancy agreement that is filed but be very cautious while dealing with these real estate agents that are available in each Continue reading